Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Definition of Forgiveness

Forgiveness by definition:
Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.
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All of us have been hurt and/or offended by someone at one time or other.  Even someone as close as a parent.   A hurt or offense can be intentional or it could be a simple slight (the offender simply did not think before they spoke or did something).
Each hurt or offense leaves spiritual scars.  Moreover, because it is a spiritual act, we do not outwardly see the scar; we continue walking through life as though we are all right, okay.  I love God and all is well.  However, a spiritual scar is mirrored in the natural just like a cut that has been made and will form a scar as in the process of trying to heal.
Of course, there are levels of offenses and hurts.  Some we can easily forgive and move on and some that has cut into our soul and anytime it is touch causes us to relive the offence all over again.  Have you found times when someone simply mentions something and for some “unknown” reason you go way overboard with your response.  Have you experienced times that you can simply be driving along, or sitting alone and a wave of uncontrollable tears wash over you?  No one has said or done anything to you.  Sometisite 1mes it comes in a form of indiscernible dread or fear.  You can’t explain it but you know that it’s real.
I have heard people say “I will forgive, but I won’t forget!”  This is like washing a white dress, drying it, pressing it and then throwing it on the ground.  It is as if I know I should forgive, no, need to forgive but I am still holding on to the memory of the thing because they hurt me.
For personal reasons and the hope that I can help move some people, I know, from the place of “I will, but I won’t forget, so that we might live a fuller and God-filled, ordained life

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Prayer Moves Mountains!

Last Saturday evening I received one of those dreaded, awful telephone calls.  The one that causes the ground beneath you to shudder.  I had talked to my sister earlier in the day.  We talked about the usual nothingness and casual events of our lives.  We laughed and giggled as sisters do.  I am always glad to hear from her.
It was late, my husband had gone to bed and I was preparing to do so when my sister called me.  Immediately, I knew something was wrong.  She went on to tell me that my nephew had been on his motorcycle and had ended up in a terrible, life threatening accident.  He had lost control of his motorcycle, while riding with his brother, and ended up veering off the road into someone's yard and not only hit a tree but was thrown off the bike into another tree.  Needless to say, the injuries were severe!  His brother and wife had just moved into the neighborhood and he called out to his wife, who had been a medic and she worked with him until the ambulance arrived.
I called my brother, in Connecticut, to inform him as to what had happen and he asked me to wait on the telephone until he could reach his wife.  He had apprised her of the situation and we went immediately into prayer.  While we prayed, my nephew was in surgery with a whole in his liver, damaged spleen, internal bleeding, broken femurs and hand.  She prayed that he would be a testimony, we agreed that he would live and not die!  We prayed that He would guide the hands of the doctors and that his life would be spared.
We prayed through the uncertainty and doom.  We raised faith to the level of knowing that God would not fail us!  We decreed and declared that he would be raised up!
Several days later, the doctors are saying that his recovery is remarkable!  Don't get me wrong, the young man has a way to go but we, as a family, are praying him through.  With all the trauma to his body, there was no swelling or damage to his brain!  Even though he is in an induced coma, they are working on waking him up over the ensuing days since the breathing machine is only doing less than 5% assistance with his breathing.
We have always been a praying family, a family that love God!  A family full of annointed preachers, teachers, and laypersons but even so, there are moments in our life's journeys that our belief and trust in God is challenged.  I thought of Bobbi Kristina a lot while we were waiting for my nephew to show signs of recovery.  Thanking God that we know that our righteousness is as filthy rags but His mercy endures forever.
I'm so thankful that my parents introduced me to God and so have we to our children.  I can't think of any other gift that is more important than the gift of God's Son to us.