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Abandonment:  The Act of Giving Something Up

Look to the Word

My God, My God, Why has Thou forsaken me? -- Psalms 22:1

My Story:

I was looking out the window, while on the train yesterday, when we came upon an industrial strip of warehouses and buildings.  Since, the train ran in back of the buildings I was able to get a different view than that of the main street.

The property was overgrown, weeded, filled with discarded building parts and torn down fences.  I said to myself "what a mess!"  Some areas were larger than others.  They held much potential for use but laid wasted and "abandoned."

I couldn't help but to think that at one time or another that the owners were handed the keys to their building and surveyed that very area with great pride and accomplishment.  Knowing that they were going to put the property to good use and that they would even have enough space to expand, if needed.  What happen?  Life, death, changes, transitions, bankruptcies, failures, losses, neglect and the list goes on.

Christ uttered these very words thousands of years ago and for some rings true today!  Christ was on the last leg of His mission when these words were utter!  The fact that Christ spoke those words are important!  These words spoken in Psalms 22 were of a prophetic nature.  It foretold of His cruxificion.  At this point Christ had been rejected by the very people that He came to save.  While hanging, insults from the crowd gather were hurled at Him.  The woman who gave birth to Him stood by helpless to save her Son.

With all this, He knew that His suffering served "purpose."  Some say that He spoke these words for our very benefit.  That we would understand that He willingly submitted to the Will of The Father.  That we, too, when drawn in our darkest purpose would take courage and fulfill our "purpose."

These words were spoken moments before He EXHALED!  Why this Lord?  Why me Lord?  Why can't I get a break?  Why is everything falling apart?  Why aren't I further than I am now?  The "Why" in our lives  have already been answered.  Innately, we know but we have not DIED to the task at hand to Exhale?

After the cruxificion, came Victory!  

If you are feeling abandoned, just know that He has not forsaken you!  A time of refreshing and Exhale is waiting on the other side of the task at hand.  Live so that (But let) patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. -- James 1:4

Let's Pray:
Dear Father, In the Precious Name of Jesus we come.  Asking for forgiveness that we may find your perfect peace in the midst of our soul.  Holy Spirit I ask that you lead and guide us into ALL truth that we may be thoroughly furnish to fight off the offences, rejections, abuses, and wiles of the enemy.  Strengthen us to fight the good fight of faith.  I pray for the one that cannot put one foot in front of the other, that cannot lift up their head, who faces another bill, that doesn't know where to turn.  You are the answer.  Engulf them in your love and peace and make a way of escape from the spirit of abandonment in Jesus' Name.

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