Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God Moment 12-1 -- He's In WaWa Too!

I was in WaWa’s on Saturday morning when trying to maneuver through the aisle by the sandwich and coffee counter, I ran into a woman (almost collided).  Then I turned around to make a right to the donut case (yes, and I did get a glaze donut!) when the glass door flew open and she said “yes, I’m following you!”

So, I said to myself, another God Moment.  I proceeded to get the donut when you went on to tell me that she had M.S., mother died from cervical cancer and she was staying with her father, while waiting to die.  She was a teacher, but had to stop because she could no longer stand up for long periods of time.  She looked at my grandson standing next to me and smiled and commented how beautiful he was and she had neither a husband nor child and how “good” men were hard to find.  I told her that all I know is that Our Father provides ALL that we need!

Of course, my husband was circling just to make sure all was well.  A portion of what I said to her was that the Holy Spirit is still in the healing business and all we need is Faith.  I gave her what I felt the Holy Spirit wanted her to know and was swept away in the movement of the people but as I glanced back, she was standing there crying but smiling as we left the WaWa.

I find that there is a flow to my life and I want to stay in it.  Husband, or no husband, child or no child, career or no career.  If we are honest and sincere with God, He will even find us in the WaWa.

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