Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family Is Important

Family is a very important component of our life's journey. I've heard the saying before that "you cannot choose the family that you've been born to!"  Wow, I thought to myself...this means that God has planned every moment of our lives, every aspect of our lives, including and right down to the family to which we are born.

So that led me to believe that it is important to whom I was birthed to.  I felt obligated to take an intense look at the parents that took part in bringing me to be.  God had so ordained it that these two people had what it took to shape my life into what He wanted me to be.

I have the impatience of my mother and the social skills of my father.  I see the familiarity of myself in my siblings and I see the differences in our we've used the characteristics of our parents differently.

With the truth being told, we fuss, dislike, argue, storm out but at the end of the day, we are family and whatever the issue at hand is we are obligated to remain so.

Family is a place that anchors you!  No matter how distance separates us we recognize when its time that we must make a commitment to physical get in each other presence.  Family cements memories and events.  It is a common bond of reality that we share.

Each of us may have a different take on what family is, what it looks like, and who may and may not be included but family consists of those of like nature and thoughts and most of all love.

Family is a reminder that we are not in this journey alone.  That there is someone along the journey to encourage, correct, and direct us in love.

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