Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evening Prayers

Prayer is an essential part of our soul life.  It is the corridor of access to Our Father.  As individual and unique as we are to one another, so are our prayers.  Help us to understand the value of prayer, communication with you for our daily lives, In Jesus' Name.
I just wanted to share two simple prayers as a start of communication with God before we press our heads to the pillow!  I hope you enjoy them.

Dear God.
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for my safety and the safety of my loved ones.
As I enter sleep, may these hours give me peace.
May they bring healing to my mind and body.
While I sleep, dear Lord, please bless the world.
Where there is pain, where there are people who
have no place to sleep, who suffer and who
die, may Your angels come unto them and
minister to their lives.
Dear Lord,
Please let the light stream in.
Please use my hours of sleep,
Please prepare me, during these hours of rest,
for greater service to You.
May the light that surrounds me, tomorrow
shine through me.
Soften my heart.
Thank you, Lord.
Dear God,
I surrender to you the day now over.
May only the love remain.
Take all else into the fire of your transformative
Release me, release others, from any effects of
my wrongmindedness or wrongdoing.
Dear God,
Return me to your light.
As I now give to You who I am, what I did, who
I loved, who I failed to love, please make all
things right.
Take all things.
May I continue to grow in Your light and love.
Tomorrow, may I be better.

Excerpted from:  "Illuminata A Return To Prayer" by Marianne Williamson

 © 2012 Lady Summerset for Heart of a Woman Ministries

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