Friday, April 13, 2012

Partial Obedience is FULL Disobedience!

Being human, we automatically fall prey to vices and shortcomings of the flesh.  This causes us to view the "call" on our lives sometimes as an inconvenience or a charge that we are, at the present time, able to fill!

We've become a Burger King society which has even carried over into our spiritual lives.  We are willing to warm the seats in our beautiful churches but cannot make the commitment to study and prove ourselves in order that we might fulfill the destiny of teaching, ministering, and mentoring.

We concede that we are not "ready" or someone else can do it better than we can.  God understands that I would but my plate is already full!  I don't have the time, now.  I will next year, next month, or next week!  I already do my best with what I have.  I'm faithful in my church attendance, paying my tithes, and attending Bible Study!  I make myself available for special church projects and services.  I am a GOOD Christian!  

The excuses are many!  The summation of the matter is God understands!  He is willing to "accept" what I am "willing" to give Him! We lose sight of what if God responded to us in that manner!  Our perception of His "willingness" to resolve our issues would be hit or miss!  We are blessed in many ways of knowing that He does ALL things well and desires to give us the KINGDOM!  Let us commit to "allowing" Him to break through our boxes, walls, and fears. Allowing us to participate in His providential will for our lives!

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